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Kitten Foster Program

Fostering is all the fun and companionship of having a new pet at home without the long-term commitment or cost of pet ownership! Foster care is a temporary arrangement in which a shelter kitten is cared for in a volunteer’s home prior to adoption.  Preparing a kitten for a life of love with its new family is a uniquely rewarding experience.

All types of pets benefit from foster care, including pets that are orphaned, pregnant or nursing, under-socialized, require medical care, or would simply rather hang out at your house than in one of our kennels while waiting to be adopted!

Surface Creek Animal Shelter provides supplies, vet care, and training to foster families and will match you with an appropriate kitten within our shelters or on our waiting lists. A typical foster stay lasts from a couple of days to a couple of months, depending on the kitten and its circumstances, until the kitten is old enough for an adoptive family. 
Foster care not only provides a much more comfortable environment for the kitten you take home – it also opens a kennel for another pet in need in our community.
All foster volunteers must abide by the volunteer code of conduct, comply with the foster care agreement and contract, adhere to zoning and animal control ordinances, and be 18 years or older.

Types of Care


Bottle Feeders

If you’re taking on the immensely rewarding task of raising a bottle baby kitten, your job is to keep the baby warm, clean, pottied, and fed every few hours.

Depending on their ages, neonatal kittens require frequent care as often as every two hours, including overnight.



Under-socialized kittens need frequent playtime and human contact. These kittens need to learn that human interaction is safe and rewarding. While they can be left alone while you are at work, they do need several hours of specialized attention daily. 


Wellness & Comfort

Medical care can be for any type of foster with a variety of possible issues, so daily commitment will vary. At times, we get very sick kittens and euthanasia is not immediately available. Comfort care is a difficult but rewarding task, providing love and comfort until they cross the rainbow bridge.

Image by Ilse Orsel

Of course, you can also foster playful, healthy, weaned kittens to help prevent overcrowding and the need for a wait list at the shelter!

Becoming A Foster

Step 1

Complete the application at the bottom of this page. After your application is accepted, you will receive an email with our online Foster Orientation video and Foster Manual to review. Now is a great time to pet-proof your space with this foster home checklist!

Step 2

A Foster Home Inspector will come to visit your home for, check for safety concerns, and review all items on the foster home checklist have been met. This step is required by the State of Colorado to ensure the space is free of hazards.

Step 3

Take your new foster pet home! We provide all necessary supplies and veterinary care. Check in with the Foster Coordinator frequently with photos, information, and any questions about your foster pet until they are adopted!

Kitten Foster Application
What type of kittens are you interested in fostering?

Thanks for applying for our Kitten Foster Program!

We'll get back to you soon.

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