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Volunteer Opportunities

Dog Walking

Exercise is key to maintaining a dogs well being. Our wonderful dog walking volunteers are the ones who keep our dogs physically and mentally healthy. 

Dog Walker

Dogs are walked every day, rain, snow or shine. We walk first thing in the morning, beginning around 8am. 

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Foster Homes

Can't adopt but still want to help?  Fostering is a great opportunity to temporarily care for a pet. Take a cat or kitten home with you to give them some extra attention.

Image by Kym Ellis

We supply everything you need (toys, bowls, food, etc.), you just supply the love.

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Community events, fundraisers, craft fairs, and offsite adoptions are just some of the events we take part of in order to maintain our ability to provide the best care for our adoptable pets.

Collecting Donations

None of our events would be successful without our volunteers!

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Cat Whisperers

Cats come into the Shelter at all ages. Little ones, 6-8 weeks, can easily be socialized with a bit of cuddling from people. As the kittens approach 12 weeks that socializing becomes more difficult.

Image by Chewy

Volunteers who stop by the Shelter and spend time petting and playing with the kitties are extremely important.

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Veterinary Transport

Trips to the veterinarian are a routine part of Shelter operations. Several times a week cats and dogs are taken to the vet primarily to be spayed or neutered. 

Vet Holding Cat

To volunteer for transporting to the veterinarian you need to be comfortable transporting cats in carriers and/or have a means to transport dogs in your vehicle.

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Thrift Store

The Shelter Shoppe is run by volunteers, and all proceeds benefit the animals that come into the Surface Creek Animal Shelter. It is a wonderful way to give back to community. 

Antique Shop

Email the shop at to learn more about volunteer opportunities. or call 970 - 856 - 1070.

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