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Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog can be very rewarding, but it is also a big and long term commitment.  Please be sure you are ready to adopt and take these important factors into consideration:

  • Adopting a puppy:  Do you have time for housebreaking, training, and supervising a puppy?

  • Adopting an adult dog:  Do you have time for refreshing manners? Taking for a couple walks a day?

  • Can you afford food, veterinary care, vaccinations, supplies?

  • Do you have the proper environment for a dog?

  • What will you do when you travel?

  • What if you move?

  • Can you make the commitment to care for this dog for his lifetime?

Adoption Fees for Dogs are:

Under 7 years old $90

Over 7 years old $80

Over 10 years old $65


Dog Den

Below are dogs and puppies ready for adoption.

To fill out an adoption inquiry click on the animal of interest below and enter your email address when prompted.

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