Background and History of the

Friends of Cedaredge Animal Control

Renamed in 2018 Surface Creek Animal Shelter

In 1997 a group of animal lovers began meeting to develop ways to support the Town of Cedaredge’s Animal Control Officer (ACO).  At that time dogs picked up by the ACO were housed at the ACO’s home on 3rd Avenue.


In 1999 the Animal Assistance Foundation granted FCAC $5,000 towards the building of an Animal Control Shelter.  The structure was constructed on property owned by the Town  against a 1976 mobile home also owned by the Town and previously used for itinerate workers.   The mobile home provided housing for cats.  The new structure provided dog housing.  In 2001, FCAC worked with the Town to develop a “no kill” approach to sheltering and agreed to fund shelter operations.  FCAC was incorporated 12/21/2001.  The Shelter was dedicated in March 2002.  In April, 2003 FCAC received 501(c)3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service and was licensed by the State of Colorado. 


From 2002 through 2010 the Town operated the Shelter.  FCAC volunteers provided funding for veterinary care, ran the adoption and animal care programs.  In 2011, FCAC took over the operation of the Shelter.  The ACO was assigned the 3 hour morning kennel technician position. FCAC reimbursed the Town for those wages.  In April 2016 the Town deeded the property and building to FCAC.  Since mid August 2016 the ACO was  no longer assigned kennel technician work.   The ACO position was eliminated by the Town in 2019.


At Applefest 2017 FCAC announced a capital campaign to raise funds to replace the mobile home portion of the building.  The new facility opened in June 2018.


The Shelter is open 8am-11am and 3pm-5pm every day. SCAS funds three technician positions to cover these hours. Dog adoptions occur primarily at the Shelter. Cats are adopted from the Shelter and from Petco in Montrose and Petsmart in Grand Junction.


In 2010, we opened a thrift store, The Shelter Shoppe, which is run by volunteers.  The Shoppe provides approximately $15,000 to the Shelter annually.  

COVID-19 UPDATE:  We continue to show animals and process adoptions by appointment only.