Introducing Your Kitten to its New Home


Congratulations on your adoption of a new cat/kitten. Please take the time to carefully introduce your new pet to your home.

Your new cat/kitten will be frightened and timid until it gets used to its new home. Please put the cat, with food, water and a litter pan, in a confined area such as a bathroom or bedroom. It may take as long as several weeks for the cat to come out of hiding. Be patient and allow the cat to come to you. If you have other cats , allow then to sniff each other under the door but do not allow direct contact until your new cat feels comfortable in its surroundings. Take a towel and rub it on the new cat, then on established cats, and vice versa. Do not allow the cats to fight. Take the time to allow the animals to acclimate to each other.

Once your new cat is comfortable with handling, it may be brought out of the room and held. This will familiarize the cat with both you and the other areas of the home. If you have a dog, carefully introduce it to the new cat. Keep the dog under control during the introductions (like on a leash). Under no circumstances should a dog be allowed to play roughly with or mouth a cat.

When the new cat/kitten seems comfortable in its room, you can allow it to explore the house. If there are other cats, or dogs, confine them while the new cat explores. Do not allow a new cat outdoors until it is completely familiar with its new home. Allow at least two weeks for this to happen. If possible we recommend you keep your new pet as an indoor cat. It will stay healthier and live longer.

We suggest you purchase a good quality cat or kitten dry food for your pet. It may take several days for the cat to start eating well. If a longer time elapses, you might try some canned food or another dry food. Cats do best if kept on one brand of quality food, rather than changing food types all the time.